I do explore the topic of interaction in art and design.

All began with a virtual tug-of-war with one side of the rope in Weimar and the other one in Los Angeles and a exhibition platform for interactive art providing equal experiences for present and telepresent visitors. Together with six artists I explored the social behavior of six vacuum cleaner robots. In an old bell tower Franz Höfner and me were bringing back the experience of pulling the bell rope, creating a bell-rope-pulling gesture on a mobile phone.

In fact most of my time I do more "serious" work, looking for answers to the following questions: How can we help families to facilitate every day organisation? How can a large amount of people participate in decisions? How can connected devices in a smart home make our every day life a bit more pleasing? How to create a soft-phone, accessible from every device? How can travelling and shopping be easy and comfortable? How can we organize the processes around production more efficient but more flexible in an industrie 4.0? How could we use block chain technology to create self-organized agencies, cities or networks of self-driving cars? How should heating work today?

No matter if you call it interaction design, service design or experience design, it is always user-centerd and holistic.

My four day week leaves me enough space to teach aside. I currently do so in Dessau and I did before at Weissensee, Weimar and UDK. And I am the co-author of the art cookbook “12 Farben, 12 Menüs“ that shows 12 monochromatic menus. Together with artist Franz Höfner I won the 3rd price of the competition “Motion Picture 2.0“ from ZKM.

I would love to do even more, so please contact me whenever you see an opportunity for collaboration. I would love to organize workshops or to participate in exhibitions.

Have a great inspiring day, Tim.

And finally, I understand five languages but I speak them way to seldom. Any idea how to change that?
More facts
Tim Schober
MS Mantober
049 15112447488
Kopenhagener Str. 64
10437 Berlin

Tug Of War between UCLA and Bauhaus University Weimar.

Interactive Installation. Max/MSP.

plattform for interactive art
providing equal experience for present and tele-present visitors.

Concept. Interactive Installation. Illustration. Book.

6 vacuum cleaner robots on table. drawing.

In collaboration with
Marco Barotti, Marco Canevacci, Franz Höfner, Tim Schober, Markus Wüste, Yena Young.

sisybot on vimeo

Virtual bell rope
Make the gesture to pull the virtual rope on mobile device.

Exhibited at Artornow in an old bell tower.

A service to organize families and their suppliers.


Responsive interface for smart home hub.

@IXDS together with André Knörig, Tommaso Bertagnin, Ornella Giau and others

Rambus Smart Ticketing
Using the phone and NFC for ticketing instead of Smart Cards.

@IXDS teamwork

10 years vision user experience / user interface.


Teaching. Digital Basics. User Experience. User Interface.

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, UDK, Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Hochschule Dessau.

Example Output: Klomotion

12 Farben – 12 Menüs
cookbook for monochrome menus

under the 50 best designed books in the US in 2014 (AIGA)

„Wo die Bilder laufen lernten (1)”, 3rd prize at Motion Picture 2.0 award from ZKM.
motion picture competition,
watch the movie, watch the making of